Bats among leopards

Bats among leopards

Bats & Leopards

Cornish Rexes among Bengals, and other creatures.
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Olive oil ... maybe not...

Tutti fruttiPosted by Steph Apr 28, 2010 19:25:55

Sharing our home with Bengals, we don't really know what a boring life means smileyThose wonderful darlings make us laugh and surprise us each day with new tricks or ideas of their own... smiley sometimes not so good ones, but still... Today it was Uncia's turn to express herself and to show us that we could have just a little bit more fantasy when it comes to cat furniture and accessories... cause really, all cats in town have the same type of litter box.. But Uncia has just invented a new type, easy to clean and very eco-friendly... smileysmiley

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Gabriella, Bella Pardus Aug 09, 2010 13:14:33

Smart katt! jag önskar mina kissar kunde vara lika påhittiga!