Bats among leopards

Bats among leopards

Bats & Leopards

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A star is born

Cat showsPosted by Steph Dec 23, 2009 00:42:46

I think that when you manage to be on the front cover of a magazine, you're certainly a star... eh ... ok... or a cover girl smiley
Anyway we were so happy and extremly proud when we received this Danish magazine smileysmileysmiley Thanks Felis Danica smiley

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Gabriella Forsberg Jan 06, 2010 14:43:18

The most beautiful cover girl I have ever seen! They couldn't have choosen a better one :-) I love her!!

Posted by ├ůsa Olovsson Dec 28, 2009 13:16:30

They couldn't have choosen a prettier Cover Girl;)