Bats among leopards

Bats among leopards

Bats & Leopards

Cornish Rexes among Bengals, and other creatures.
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Digo, 3 years old

Our Cat Breeding AdventurePosted by Steph Nov 15, 2009 13:48:49

One of the greatest things with cat breeding is to find those wonderful pet homes for the kittens! And really it’s the most important for us! And each time we get photos or stories about AmazingNature’s cats’ daily adventures, we are so happy! We never are in a hurry to sell our kittens and we’ll wait for the perfect homes even if it takes months to find them.
Digo (AmazingNature’s Glacier Indigo) was a young adult when he finally moved to his new home with Ann-Margreth, Göran and the new cat friend, another Bengal, Shiva (Bengaluna's Art). And it was certainly worth waiting so long. smiley

Digo on his birthday, 29th of October 2009 smileysmileysmiley:

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Posted by Ullis Nov 18, 2009 19:33:26

Grattis Indigo och hans syskon! Nospussar...!

Posted by Susanna – S* Jangala Nov 18, 2009 12:17:39


Tänk vad tiden går snabbt! :shock:
Känns som det var i går som jag satt och dreglade över kauungebilder på Indigo och hans kullsyskon.